African Transkei Mushroom

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Psilocybe Cubensis Transkei magic mushrooms originate from the continent of Africa. Also know as SATs, these shrooms are especially potent, being able to produce both closed eye and more remarkably open eye visuals. Transkei Cubensis are also known for being sensation enhancing mushrooms that can alter the way you perceive sound and visuals, produce geometric shapes as well as ‘dancing lights’ perceptions. The high from the African Transkei is something out of this world. While not regarded as the most spiritually enlightening mushroom, the visuals produced from this strain constitute an absolute firework show: a stunning combination of tracers, lights, and geometric patterns, moving and building on one another in a mesmerizing choreography, it truly has to be experienced to be appreciated. It is one of the most visually evocative highs you are ever likely to experience.

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4 reviews for African Transkei Mushroom

  1. Robert Turner

    Really excellent muushrooms. A pretty intense high! laughed a tonnnnnnnnnnn:)) and euphoria.

  2. Janis Jacobs

    Fast delivery and high in quality. No complaints here!

  3. Annie Allen

    Wow great amazing strain. Excellente

  4. Scarlet Middlebrooks

    These shrooms are the real stuff. I got scammed by some online shroom store so now I stick strictly to only ordering from online psilocybin store . It is 100% safe and legit.

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