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Truly unique experiences will surely come from using rare mushrooms such as these Albino Avery Mushrooms. This shroom comes from the Cambodian strain and contains the active element of psilocybin. It is one of the ultra-rare mushrooms in the market with high potency that can last for hours. It got its “albino” title from its ghostly all-white appearance which is definitely not a common characteristic among shrooms.

Albino Avery fungi are known for their high potency that gives users high-hitting effects and a quick-acting high that affects them both mentally and visually. The effects can be felt within just 15 to 30 minutes after digestion so first-time users are advised to be cautious in taking the shrooms.

West Coast Supply recommends a dosage of 0.5 to 1.0g for beginners which will give a lighter shorter high, while a good margin for average users is between 1g and 3g, and for a very potent high that experienced users crave for, more than 3g may be used.

Enjoy the euphoria and mood-elevation combined with mild to intense visual improvements!

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6 reviews for Albino Avery Mushroom

  1. Ethel Hill

    i took 6.5G (at least). and i was a beginner (my plan was to see god, and beat Elon to Mars lol) Long story short i was reborn. VERY intense trip.

  2. Wayne Price

    were fantastic! Never fails to surprise me!!!! Totally giggles galore, super intense euphoria, the visual and auditory is beyond any technology that could compare. Kept telling myself this is so amazing don’t ever want to end. I’m so in love with this feeling.

  3. Randal Garcia

    Great product and great experiences each time.

  4. Allan Abrams

    This is the best magic mushroom strain that I have ever taken in my life. Be careful though cause they’re quite strong, especially if you haven’t used it much before.

  5. Candy Range

    These are just insane! I took a 2 grams last night and I didn’t expect I’d trip so bad. I actually had to take a diazepam to come down after what seemed like a forever ride down the rabbit hole lolzZz. I’ll surely be stocking up on these!

  6. Thomas Roling

    My order was sent the next day. took 4 days to get to Montreal by post Canada. Come in a small box, nice packaging. Everything was well weighed. Tried 3g and had a great buzz. very satisfied.

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