Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom

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10 reviews for Aztec Gods Magic Mushroom

  1. Jon Perez

    Super fast delivery to Calgary, was here in 2 days and the magic mushrooms were fantastic ?

  2. Adam Wong

    I like this strain, feels well-balanced. Useful whether I want to micro or head to triptown.

  3. Ricky Foster

    It’s helped a ton with sorrow to me. It has high quality, however, be cautious with quantity, even 1 gram was truly extreme and gave me an exciting ride of tension to rapture.

  4. Carlton Carmichael

    Great quality, smooth, top rate experience. Great for microdosing.

  5. Abel Marshall

    Totally dazzling probably one of the best trips I had ever experienced on these mushrooms. Excellent & incredible quality. 10 out of 10 Highly recommended.

  6. Sandra Hamilton

    Amazing high! very vivid visuals and deep connection with myself. exactly what I was hoping for plus 10x!

  7. James Roberts

    Stunning experience that kept going a strong 5 hours. I took about 2grams, set up such vivid images that I had a great time visualizing and comprehending them. Ridiculously incredible, loads of good vibes and visuals etc. Much appreciated

  8. William Angel

    Excellent potency

  9. Glenn Cormier

    This is about my 6th time ordering , they’re just so damn good man!!! Like there’s something different and amazing about the trips I get, so so satisfying. I highly recommend them.

  10. James Chamlee

    I purchased a small amount first (56g) as they were on sale and maybe they were not good quality. Well, i was wrong, they were amazing quality and i ended up ordering a lot more the week after. Thank you!

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