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No education is higher than unraveling the universe’s mysteries for yourself and that is exactly the kind of experience offered by the Golden Teacher. This Psilocybe Cubensis strain is one of the most popular psychedelic mushroom strains out there for its ability to give users an other-worldly experience. The name Golden Teacher is coined after the strain has taught life-changing lessons to its users through the psychedelic trips of transcendence it offers. Countless users have reported that the shroom opened their minds to a level untouched before leaving them with valuable lessons to take on even after the high subsides. Users who are seeking to escape the human world for a while might just fall in love with the Golden Teacher. Aside from the mystical experience and introspective insight it offers, this strain also gives a euphoric feeling and a sense of peace, making it perfect for moderating anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and chronic pain.


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6 reviews for Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

  1. Monica Bartlett

    I gotta say, it lived up to the hype. The trip was really smooth and the shroom was very effective.

  2. Monica Bartlett

    These are fuckeddd, about an hour in the trip got hit with pure euphoria with strong visuals haven’t had an experience with those type of visuals. I recommend this strain for anyone trying to have a good time.

  3. Dorothy Baur

    Best trip I’ve ever had and my girlfriend also said the same thing. Super heavy in the visuals felt, close your eyes and writhe around type visions. Comes and goes in heavy waves. Highly recommend

  4. Truman Polen

    Superb Mushroom for my good time… nothing else to say except amazing

  5. Monica Bartlett

    Yikes! They hit me hard.
    Yikes! They hit me hard.

  6. Candace Brown

    Cherished it! I took 3.0g and I gave my better half 2.5g. It took 1 hour to kick in and afterward we put on spa music with cascade impacts, layed down in bed, and what a delightful outing we had, quiet, loose, we were entirely fine and had the option to control ourselves. Lasted around 3-4hours. Loving it!!!

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