Puerto Rican Magic Mushrooms

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The Puerto Rican is known for it’s VERY potent effects and extremely rizomorphic mycellium. Puerto Rican has extremely rizomorphic mycelium, colonizes substrates extremely fast. This can sometimes cause overlay, and make this one a bit more challenging for the beginner. Larger than average dome shaped caps. A very potent strain!


Oz, Qp, Hp, p

8 reviews for Puerto Rican Magic Mushrooms

  1. Elyse Walter

    Quite an amazing high for all of my requirements, I don’t believe I’ll find a better mushroom than this one… thank you

  2. Myra Peres

    Good body high!

  3. Craig Noel

    Very happy with the product and the service. Thank you team Shroomy.

  4. Tom Nutt

    I had a great session. Really great! And this not a complaint at all but I did want to ask why the mushrooms felt candy coated like dry sugary cereal? I noticed a big difference in taste between the last session and this one.
    Still a great high but curious about the new way it’s been processed.

  5. Marla Mayo

    I need some time to recover from that experience, but I’ll definitely be trying it again. Here for a good time not a long one!

  6. William Richards

    Had a bit of it and I swear I was in another realm. It felt like my senses were turned up to 13

  7. Ann Dixson

    shhok me right down to my core. This is the real deal. Note: It is not for beginners. Take at your own risk.

  8. Timothy Luebbert


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